I made a conference calendar so that you don't have to

If you want love a PhD, at some point you have to lower your expectations and realize you are probably not going to revolutionize your field: you are going to make a small contribution to the existing body of knowledge and that is OK. In keeping with this spirit, please welcome my contribution: a constantly updated calendar of conferences relevant to program synthesis and healthcare simulators. It contains important dates for all the main AI/ML conferences + some programming language conferences + some simulation conferences + a selection of workshops. I use ChangeTower, a couple of scrapers I wrote and a checklist-driven Vadim-in-the-loop solution to keep it up-to-date. If you work in a similar field to me, add it to your calendar so that unlike me you can spend more time researching artificial intelligence than conferences about it. Also, if you find this calendar a great fit for you research, there is an email address below this page - we should collaborate. And if you don’t, check out AI deadlines or conferencer for a less convenient, but more flexible solution.